Puzzle & Dragons Passes 3 Million Downloads, Gets Second TV Spot [Social Games]

That was quick: about three weeks after reaching 2 million downloads, Japan’s most successful platform-free social game Puzzle & Dragons crossed the 3 million mark.

Puzzle & Dragons was released in the Japanese App Store in February this year and on Android in late September.

The title hit 1 million downloads in mid-July, 2 million on October 20, and maker GungHo says the 3 million milestone was achieved on November 5 (260 days after the first version was pushed out on the App Store).

There can be no doubt that the TV commercials GungHo started airing in mid-October contributed to the growth.

Here is the first one again:

Here is the new (second) one that advertises Puzzle & Dragons on Japanese TV since the end of October:

Puzzle & Dragons in English is scheduled to go live this month.

Via Social Game Info

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