Profile & Services

Personal Background:

I am a German national and have been based in Tokyo, Japan since 2004.

After studying in Bayreuth University in Germany and Keio University in Tokyo, I graduated with an MBA in 2002 and with a PhD in economics in 2009.

I have been quoted by The New York Times, Forbes, Reuters, The Washington Post, EDGE, The Verge, Inside Social Games, Engadget, Gizmodo, DER SPIEGEL, The Japan Times, Wired, The Financial Times, CNN, BBC, NHK, and other media outlets worldwide.

Playing games has been my passion since the early 1980s.


My main focus is to work as an independent consultant and advisor with:

  • financial institutions (hedge funds, private equity firms, investment banks, venture capital companies etc.)
  • “AAA” web, mobile, and gaming startups
  • large technology companies
  • market and trend research firms

worldwide – primarily in the US, Japan and other parts of Asia.

I offer deep vertical knowledge in Japan’s mobile and social gaming industry.

Over the years, I have built up a personal network of 4,500+ (mostly Japan- and Asia-based) contacts in the IT sector.

I regularly speak at major web, mobile and gaming industry events in Japan, Asia, and the US. Recent examples include SXSW in Austin/Texas (2011), the Global Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing (2010), Startup Asia in Singapore (2012), or the Asia Social Gaming Summit in Macau (2012).

I have been contributing as the Japan correspondent to TechCrunch, the world’s largest Internet industry blog network, since 2008.


Please feel free to contact me via Email (serkan @, expert networks like GLG, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+.