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How to use and register for KakikoTV


Following the review, here is some more information about KakikoTV. I will break down this posting into two parts:

I) How to register
II) How to use KakikoTV

Let’s begin by
I) How to register

The sign-up process is very easy as displayed in the JPEGs below.

After confirmation, you are logged in (your name is displayed on the top right of the screen). You will also get a “Thank you”-email (without an activation link by the way).

II) How to use KakikoTV
You can choose between two ways to get videos from Youtube as seen in the following image.

After choosing a video the following screen appears:

Confirm and you get to the following page:

Confirm again and now you can start modifying the video:

The container on the right displays a list of all effects added to the video so far (in the JPEG above, there are two).

The main menu consists of the following functions/effects you can add (left to right):
– text
– subtitles
– speech balloons
– shapes (arrows, squares etc.)
– insert an image
– insert an animation (from a list: smiley, glowing light bulb etc.)
– insert a link to a Yahoo auction (!)
– insert a sound effect (from a list)
– insert sound freely
– show a list of all effects added (also to be seen in the container to the right of the video)

I could write on and on about each of these functions but that would lead too far. I suggest you try it out. It’s very easy to use!

Here is an example for the options you can choose from after selecting the text function. You can alter text size, color, font, position on the video etc. etc.!

Confirm every effect by clicking on the floppy disk icon on the small menu appearing above the main menu (see JPEG above). It will be then added as a new effect to the list just like the text box in the example:

At the end, KakikoTV saves the video with all effects included automatically. You can access your “work” later, edit/delete each effect, put modified videos on display for other people and mail them to friends (see JPEG).

I think this information is enough to make good use of KakikoTV for Non-Japanese speakers ;).

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