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New article at Asiajin (I became editor)


I am happy to announce today that I am new editor at Asiajin (here is my former post about this amibitious blog project in English).

Asiajin’s mission is basically the same as Tokyotronic’s: To expose the power of the Japanese IT industry to the world. In my view, genuine IT and web services from this country are ridiculously underrepresented in the West. This means less business opportunities for Japanese companies and less chances for an exchange of innovative ideas, thoughts and concepts among IT professionals.

Both Asiajin and Tokyotronic would like to work against this development. Asiajin’s scope is broader since it is planned to integrate news from other Asian nations as well. I will keep up the work here at Tokyotronic by the way.

In my first posting as Asiajin editor I analyze an original Japanese web product: The Japanese blog search engine and blog analyzer kizasi.

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