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10 winners of CNET Japan’s Tech Venture contest


Last week, CNET Japan held a Tech venture contest and a total of 10 companies were awarded with prices. The event drew a lot of attention in the Japanese web and IT world.

Companies awarded which have an English website (unfortunately only three do):

Community Engine
(development of network middleware and applications among other things)

(broadcasting service)

(online video commercials through collaboration with consumers, their Rollmio service is available in English)

Companies which offer information in Japanese only:

(operation of i.e. Nico Nico Douga online video platform (my review))

(digital TV recording service)

(mobile platform for videos and photos)

(mobile marketing)
(online auction services)

(face recognition for mobile devices)

(mobile ads)

More information on the winners is available on Akihito Fujii’s blog. Akihito-san is working for Sun Microsystems Japan and thankfully provides a detailed write-up about Tech venture 2008 in English (part 1, part 2).

He also acted as a judge for the contest.

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