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Japanese geek uber-blog Netafull now available in English


There is a huge interest in Japanese geek and otaku culture in the west and I feel it is even growing.

Now, one of the most influential and famous geek blogs of this country, Netafull, decided to establish an English version. In my “Top 50 blogs of Japan” ranking from January, Netafull secured an excellent 7th rank (of all blogs – not just Tech). When I accessed the Technorati Japan ranking today, Netafull was even ranked as No. 6 (I am aware that Technorati hitlists are not really reliable).

Netafull centers on various topics such as video games, gadgetry, Japanese web culture, computers, anime, movies etc. The person responsible is Masato Kogure-san.

The Japanese version of the blog is updated daily with LOTS of new posts. As of now, the English Netafull is somewhat “thinner” but there are several interesting articles online already.

Anyway, I think the blog is really cool and you should check it out.

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