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I joined the Techcrunch empire (+other news)


As the title of this post suggests, I am now a member of the almighty Techcrunch empire. To be exact, I am actually the only blogger from the Techcrunch (USA) network who is based in Japan.

I started writing for Crunchgear a couple of days ago. Crunchgear is the sister blog of Techcrunch, covering gadgets, computer hardware and technology news in general. They needed someone to take care of the Japanese side of things (it was about time) and thankfully chose me!

Crunchgear has nearly 40.000 RSS readers while Techcrunch even boasts 920.000 RSS readers.

My list of articles on Crunchgear can be found here. So far it’s great fun and I will continue giving my best to expose the power of Japanese technology to the world!

Also, I hope to contribute to Techcrunch itself sometime to let their readers know the web industry over here offers cool stuff, too.

However, I will continue blogging for Asiajin (my list of Asiajin articles is here).

Some more news
This shameless self-PR spree doesn’t stop here:

If you want to hear me speaking about various stuff (mainly about the Japanese Tech scene and myself), please check out the podcast interview I gave for my friend Robert Sanzalone the other day.

Also, in case you are interested on the shrinking gap between television and the web in Japan, please check out a recent article on that topic here or here (also to be found in the printed versions of Australian newspapers The Sun and The Sydney Morning Herald).

It’s an interesting piece my Aussie friend Justin Norrie wrote and yours truly is quoted.

I removed the Google ads from this blog quite some time ago. Tokyotronic is now completely non-profit ;).

Also, I put a Zooomr Zipline widget on my blog (see the sidebar). You can do the same here.

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