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My 3rd Techcrunch article+USA trip to TC 50


My 3rd article on Techcrunch is now online, this time I blogged Mixi. The Japanese version can be found here on Techcrunch Japan, the French version on Techcrunch France. A blogger published an unofficial Chinese translation.

Although the company is worth $1 billion, almost no one outside Japan knows about it (my earlier reports). I am hoping the coverage on Techcrunch will improve that situation to some extent.

The Washington Post also put it up.

Please digg the article here – only if you like it, obviously ;).

On a (slightly) similar note, I will be attending the Techcrunch 50 conference in San Francisco this year. The event takes place from September 8-10 (tickets are still available here). Please contact me in case you would like to meet up for some Japanese Tech talk ;).

As always, please make sure to also follow my articles on Crunchgear (on Japanese technology, gadgets and subculture) and – last not least Asiajin – (on the Japanese web industry).

Thank you for your support!

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