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Facebook’s co-founder taken to Tokyo Venture Beat by yours truly


I met Facebook‘s co-founder and former CTO (until May this year) Adam D’Angelo yesterday in Tokyo. Adam came to Japan on a private trip. He was “guided” by his long-time friend Matyas who recently graduated from the California Institute of Technology and can speak perfect Japanese!

Although Adam is here just for vacation, I had the pleasure to introduce him to some people in the Japanese web industry. After eating dinner together (we had Kyuushuu ramen in Harajuku), it was time for some Japan tech talk.

I brought Adam and Matyas to this month’s Venture Beat event where Hisashi Katsuya from IBM’s Venture Capital Division treated them as special guests (thank you very much, Katsuya-san!).

Check out the pictures I made below (click to enlarge).

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