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Facebook Japan: Why They Haven’t Beaten Mixi So Far


Facebook Japan has a hard time winning against the country’s No. 1 social network, Mixi, so far. But why?

Sized at an estimated $5.6 billion in 2007, Japan boasts one of the biggest online advertising markets in the world – a huge potential just waiting to be tapped by foreign social networks. The world’s two largest social networks, MySpace and Facebook, barely register in Japan. As the Google Trends for Websites chart above shows, local social network Mixi is outpacing both in Japan. On Alexa, Mixi is ranked the No. 6 most popular site in Japan, compared to No. 95 for MySpace (Facebook doesn’t even make it into the top 100). MySpace and Facebook are trying – but why are they failing?

– read the rest in my article on TechCrunch:

Taking social networks abroad – Why MySpace and Facebook are failing in Japan

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