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This month’s Venture Beat event


Yesterday, this month’s Venture Beat Networking Party took place, this time in a new venue near Roppongi.

As always, the invitation-only event, backed by CNET Japan, was attended by a number (over 50) of high-profile CEOs, VCs, Tech journalists…and me.

For example, I was fortunate to meet Batara Eto who is the former CTO of Japan’s biggest SNS, Mixi. Not only that, Batara-san even came up with the original idea for Mixi for which he is still a technical advisor for! And I have to say he is a very friendly and surprisingly modest person.

Another cool thing worth mentioning is a full-fledged DJ application for the iPhone I saw, developed by Atsushi Hoshino (who is also president of a web company called New Forestar). The app is still unofficial but you can have a quick look at it below. Nice work!

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