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I am currently at TechCrunch50 in San Francisco


I am at TechCrunch50 in San Francisco now, the web industry conference/contest organized by mega Tech blog TechCrunch – which I happen to write for ;). Today (Wednesday) is the last day of the conference.

TechCrunch50 is much better than I expected actually: A positive vibe, perfectly organized (OK, the Internet connection was an issue but is solved now), tons of VIPs, VCs, “technical people”, entrepreneurs etc. etc.

Please check out my Twitter, my articles on Asiajin and of course TechCrunch (my articles only) itself for more of my personal impressions of the conference, especially on the three Japanese companies presenting here: Opentrace, Tonchidot and Gazopa.

Here are some photos from TechCrunch50 (partly courtesy of TechCrunch and Satomi Ichimura, a US-based writer for Nikkei and other Tech publications):

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