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Jason Calacanis, Japan’s super bloggers and entrepreneurs plus myself


Silicon Valley hero Jason Calacanis (founder of Weblogs and Mahalo, legendary blogger,VC etc.) is on his first visit to Japan (which lasts until Wednesday) and I had the possibility to meet him tonight.

What can I say, it was pretty cool to talk to Jason and also meet Japan’s best-known bloggers, i.e. Dan Kogai (who is also the ex-CTO of Livedoor), Masato Kogure from Netafull (English version), Masaki Ishitani from Mitaimon and many more.

Take a look at the pictures below: It was (thankfully) a very “intimate” get-together – in the same Tokyo restaurant Quentin Tarantino used for the final scene in Kill Bill 1!

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I am the CEO & Founder of Kantan Games, Inc., a Tokyo-based game industry consultancy focused on the Japanese market.

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