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MobaMingle: DeNA Brings Mobagetown To The World (Kind Of)


Japanese mobile games giant DeNA brings its mega-popular platform Mobage-town (Mobage) to cell phones outside Japan:

One of the most recent social mobile networks catching our attention, MobaMingle, comes from Japan. MobaMingle is the internationalized version of Mobage-town, one of Japan’s biggest mobile social networks. The premise behind MobaMingle is to blend elements of virtual worlds, social networking, gaming and mobile blogging into one integrated concept.

Any new mobile social network faces the critical challenge of differentiating itself from the dozens of competitors. But the mobile-only MobaMingle, which launched as a beta version in September, has some factors going for it. In the first place, it has the advantage of being backed up by a large-cap parent company in Japan (DeNA), which has already managed to build a highly successful mobile social networking site in that country.

– read the rest on my article on TechCrunch:

MobaMingle adds a Japanese flavor to mobile social networks

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