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My answer on Quora to: “What innovative tech startups are coming out of Japan?”


Web/software startups worth mentioning in this context (apart from the ones listed up above) are: (picture bookmarking service) (Twitter-based content aggregation and communication tool) (TV program recording and viewing service for mobile devices) (video editing software) (mobile browsing and software) (mobile browsing and software) (video conferencing service)

Hardware-wise, I would add social camera maker Cerevo to the list:

These are just some “unique” tech startups coming out of Japan, but there are a lot more, especially in

– robotics
– electric vehicles
– alternative energy (fuel cells, solar etc.)
– mobile tech (cell phones, portable navigation systems etc.)
– video games
– and tons of other areas (3D devices, RFID, OLED, mind-reading devices, medical technology etc.)

What innovative tech startups are coming out of Japan?

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