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My answer on Quora to: “How big is Foursquare in Japan?”


Foursquare doesn’t break down country-specific numbers, but anecdotally speaking, it’s pretty big.

Some hints:

  1. Some months ago, I read in an interview (with the CEO, I think) that Tokyo is one of the cities with the most check-ins worldwide. (Sorry, can’t find it now)
  2. The API is now available in Japanese: (doesn’t happen too often in the case of non-Japanese services)
  3. There are Foursquare user meetups, for example:… (which doesn’t happen too often in the case of non-Japanese services either)

Given that Japan is the world’s most advanced mobile nation and that location-based services and games had been around for years (laying the groundwork for the Foursquare concept), Foursquare’s success is not that surprising.

How big is Foursquare in Japan?

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