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My answer on Quora to: “What is the composition of the NTT group of companies in Japan?”


With 195,000 employees, you’re looking at one of Japan’s biggest companies.

Basically NTT is a parent company of five: NTT East, NTT West, NTT Communications, NTT Data and NTT DOCOMO:

  • NTT East and West are to cover Japan from a regional/geographical perspective.
  • NTT Communications covers long-distance and international businesses.
  • NTT Data’s core businesses are system integration and IT consulting.
  • NTT Docomo has 55 million mobile subscribers in Japan.

The first three are NTT’s 100% subsidiaries.

NTT has a big number of other companies in its group, for example NTT America (they host Twitter), NTT Europe, NTT Finance etc.

What is the composition of the NTT group of companies in Japan?

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