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Social Games: Yahoo Mobage Off To Good Start


Yahoo Mobage, the PC-based social gaming platform Yahoo Japan and DeNA (Mobage) jointly launched, is off to a good start: Nielsen Japan is reporting that in August 2010, before the integration of Yahoo Mobage into Yahoo Games, Yahoo saw 5.3 million UU per month.

On September 21, Yahoo Mobage launched in open beta and registered 441,000 UU in just 10 days of that month (Yahoo game as a whole had 4.975 million UU in September).

On October 7, Yahoo Mobage opened in full and saw 5.4 mill UU in October (of 8.3 milli UU on Yahoo Game as a whole). That means that month, Yahoo Mobage accounted for 65% of all UU on Yahoo Japan’s game section.

The rest (35%) played downloadable games, browser games etc.:

On Yahoo Mobage, 30% of users are in their 30s, 25% in 40s, 13% in 50s and 7% in 60s:

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