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Social Games: GREE Enters China In Partnership With Tencent


GREE has finally announced it will enter the social gaming market in China. Tencent, the world’s third-largest web company by market cap, will be GREE’s partner.

That’s a spectacular move and sign that it becomes harder and harder for GREE to expand the mobile social games business in its local market Japan:

Tokyo-based mobile social games juggernaut GREE ($3 billion market cap) just announced it will tie up with China’s biggest web company Tencent ($45 billion market cap), which operates the massive QQ platform.

The plan is to “export” GREE’s social apps to the rapidly growing market for mobile games in China as well as to offer games made in China to GREE’s 22 million Japanese users. The focus of the partnership is on “GREE Platform for Smartphone”, which was announced by the company last year (more info).

– read the rest in my article on Asiajin.

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