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New IPO: Online Train Timetable Ekitan Gets Listed


There’s a new tech IPO in Japan: Online timetable service Ekitan (fee-based on mobile phones) will get listed in Tokyo:

An online train timetable service that goes IPO? It may sound ludicrous to people living outside Japan, but Tokyo-based Ekitan is doing exactly that. The company will be listed at the Mothers Market (for high-growth and emerging stocks) of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on March 3 (code 3646).

Ekitan started as a Toshiba in-house venture project in April 1997 and started to operate independently in January 2003. The company has 69 employees and is 60.99% owned by Tokyo-based private equity fund Polaris Capital Group (Polaris bought out Ekitan in 2007).

– read the rest on Asiajin.

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