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Yahoo Mobage: New Hit Social Game “Nobunyaga No Yabou” Is Coming


Yahoo Mobage, Yahoo Japan’s and DeNA’s social game platform on the PC, gets a new hit title from Tecmo Koei. Players wanting to register for an early version of “Nobunyaga No Yabou” (Nobunyaga’s Ambition”, a war simulation game), could do so today.

However, registration closed after a few hours so most people will have to wait until the game hits Yahoo Mobage on Tuesday. (I just tried, but it was too late for me.)

Nobunyaga’s Ambition is a word play on Nobunaga’s Ambition, a famous war simulation game that was released on various platforms in recent years.

The general tone is very serious, but the Yahoo Mobage version is much cuter (as you can see below) and has cats as commanders and warriors (the nya in “Nobunyaga” is the Japanese onomatopoeic word for “meow”).

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