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Yahoo Mobage Gets 3D Virtual World Pico Pico Town


Yahoo Mobage, Yahoo Japan’s and DeNA’s social game platform on the PC, is getting more and more games. One candidate for a future hit title isn’t a social game but a 3D virtual world called Pico Pico Town.

Made by DeNA itself, Pico Pico Town went live today in beta. There are a total of 5 environments users can visit with their motion avatars (i.e. casino town, music town etc.), chat with other players or, and (that’s one of the main selling points), view and discuss YouTube videos together.

The clips can be viewed from within Pico Pico (meaning you won’t need to access YouTube), as you can see on the screenshots below. DeNA plans to integrate casual social games in the world at a later point.

Let’s see how Pico Pico can stack up against CyberAgent’s virtual world Ameba Pigg (6 million members in Japan, 3 million internationally).

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