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More Social Games: CyberAgent On Hiring Spree


Not only GREE, but also CyberAgent is aggressively hiring people at the moment, if a report by The Nikkei Marketing Journal (February 18 edition) is to be believed. The paper says that the Ameba provider wants to have 500 engineers (programmers) in its workforce by September 2012, up from the 200 now.

What’s interesting is that 60 of the 300 new engineers are supposed to be foreigners. According to the journal, CyberAgent will hold a job fair in Beijing next month for the first time to recruit Chinese employees.

CyberAgent wants to step up social game production for Facebook and smartphones, apart from accelerating plans to expand its game and virtual world business (Ameba Pigg) to other Asian markets.

CyberAgent America, which is based out of San Francisco and not part of the calculations outlined above, wants to hire 100 new people (30 foreigners as programmers) by September 2012.

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