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DeNA Mobage’s Next Top Social Game Is Around The Corner


GREE offers over 500 social games at the moment, and DeNA‘s Mobage platform even is on the way to 1,000 titles. A reason for the rapid growth both platforms have been seeing in recent months is that more and more “traditional” Japanese video game makers are starting to develop social games.

The one title I am personally looking forward to the most (and which is sure to become a hit with users in general), is Shenmue-Gai (aka Shenmue City, aka Shenmue 3), an adventure game Sega Sammy is currently preparing for Yahoo Mobage (DeNA’s and Yahoo Japan’s PC-based social games platform) and mobile Mobage on feature phones.

Here are some impressions from the game, that will be offered “soon” and is Mobage-only. Needless to say, it will be free to play and monetized via sales of virtual items.

These videos show Sega’s/DeNA’s official Shenmue press conference from last year:

Both versions are published by Sunsoft (pictures courtesy of Game Watch).

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