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GREE Market: KDDI To Promote GREE’s Social Games On Android Phones


Android adoption in Japan is accelerating at a fast clip as of late, and now GREE is reacting with a partnership it just entered with KDDI au, Japan’s 2nd biggest mobile carrier.

Both companies plan to set up the so-called “GREE Market” that will be accessible for Android users subscribed to KDDI au and other carriers starting this summer. GREE says their market will make it easier for those users to

  • search for specific social games
  • browse through categories
  • view rankings of popular social games
  • choose recommended apps
  • share with friends which games they just downloaded

Android users not on KDDI au will be able to install the GREE Market on their smartphones through the “official” Android market.

KDDI says that their Android subscribers will be able to access the GREE Market from the get go (most Android phones by KDDI will have the icon you can see below pre-installed on the home screen beginning in summer).

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