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GREE Partners Up With 3D Game Development Tool Maker Unity


GREE today announced it has entered a partnership with famed 3D game development tool maker Unity from San Francisco. Under the deal, GREE has started to offer the so-called “Unity Plugin for GREE” to social game developers providing titles to the platform.

The plugin is part of the GREE SDK and will, according to GREE, reduce development costs for developers creating social games for iOS and Android (the iOS plugin is already available, the Android version will follow “soon”).

The Unity engine is well known in the gaming industry (Sequoia is an investor) as multi-platform development tool. Unity makes it possible to produce 3D games for Windows, Mac, Wii, iPhone, Android, and others.

CosmoLightning, the iPhone social game pictured on the bottom, was created by GREE using Unity (release in mid-March).

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