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Koi Cafe Nikki: GREE Gets “Adult” Dating Sim


GREE gets another dating simulation: Koi Cafe Nikki (Love Cafe Diary) is a social game designed for an “adult audience” (but does not offer sexual content). The difference to existing games in this genre is that the female players get to date grown-ups, and not, which is more commen, school boys or university students.

Dating simulations never made it big outside Japan, but over here, this genre has spawned a number of hit titles. Koi Cafe Nikki players are supposedly able to experience a virtual love story in which the aim is to build up a “mature” relationship with one of the 5 male characters.

Koi Cafe Nikki maker Mobile Factory says that players can cooperate with others to advance faster in the game or, needless to say, pay money to accelerate progress (the title is basically free to play).

The game is only available on GREE for Japanese feature phones.


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