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YouTube Live-Streams Tokyo Girls Collection Show


YouTube yesterday said that its Japanese site will live-stream the 12th Tokyo Girls Collection fashion show as an official partner. Viewers will be able to watch the show from 2pm until 10pm tomorrow (Japanese time).

Tokyo Girls Collection is a bi-annual fashion show (featuring celebrity models) that was attended by over 30,000 people last time. YouTube said they will offer a host of channels to choose from, streaming video from the main stage but also reports and interviews that take place backstage.

What’s interesting about Tokyo Girls Collection is that people in the audience can purchase things right on the spot: all they need to do when they see a model wearing something they like is to access the Tokyo Girls Collection cell phone web site and choose the item in question in the show’s “live store”.

On Saturday, viewers on YouTube will be able to do the same on the PC. YouTube said they will give viewers the chance to submit questions to the models appearing at the show, too.

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