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Facebook Japan: 2.5 Million Users, Up 17% In Last 30 Days


Good news for Facebook Japan lately: driven by heavy coverage in local media, the Social Network movie (that topped the box office in Japan) and a few other factors, Facebook has now hit 2.55 million users.

That’s still a far cry from the 23 million users Mixi boasts, but Facebook added 370,800 users in Japan in the last 30 days alone, according to This number represents a plus of 16.99%, more than any other country (apart from small markets like Quatar or Congo).

In the last 90 days, Facebook Japan added 780,020 users, up 43.98%. numbers seem to be pretty accurate: when I double checked the current number of users on Facebook Japan using Facebook’s ad tool, this window popped up:

Google Trends also indicates some handsome growth for Facebook in Japan (access through PC only):

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