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Kakaku Releases Web Access Statistics For February [E-Commerce]


Kakaku, which runs Japan’s leading price comparison engine of the same name, has released [ENG, PDF] website access stats for its two biggest properties, Kakaku itself and restaurant guide Tabelog.

In a nutshell, things are looking pretty good on a year-on-year basis. saw 30.11 million users on the PC last month (up 34.4% y-o-y), while the mobile version racked up 2.97 million users (+37.6%):

Users on Tabelog were up 56.6% y-o-y to 18.91 million on the PC and even up 183.3% to 5.03 million users on cell phones:

It’s also interesting to see how Tabelog beats Kakaku in terms of mobile phone traffic:

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