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Namco Bandai Releases “Browser Quest” MMORPG On Yahoo Mobage [Social Games]


Japanese video game behemoth Namco Bandai has released Browser Quest on Yahoo Mobage, the PC-based social games platform jointly run by DeNA and Yahoo Japan. The title, an original action MMORPG actually looks quite nice and shows what’s possible on the platform.

Apart from the nice looks, two things are worth mentioning here:

There will be a mobile version of the game soon (possibly on Mobage for feature phones), which will be compatible with the Yahoo Mobage version (progress achieved on the phone, for example, isn’t lost when the player continues on the PC).

Browser Quest contains special mouse controls in the action sequences to make the game more interesting.

The title is free to play, monetized via sales of virtual items and is exclusively available on Yahoo Mobage.

Here are some screenshots:

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