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DeNA Wins The O’Reilly MySQL Corporate Contributor of the Year 2011 Award [Social Games]


Nice win for DeNA in the US: the company won an award at the O’Reilly MySQL Conference & Expo 2011 that took place the day before yesterday in Santa Clara.

To be more precise, DeNA won the O’Reilly MySQL Corporate Contributor of the Year 2011:

DeNA is Japan’s biggest social game provider and run hundreds of MySQL servers to provide their services. So it is not surprising they also employ some of Japan’s best and world famous MySQL experts to work on their LAMP stack. This team produced one of the most interesting innovations MySQL has seen for a while: HandlerSocket is MySQL’s answer to the NoSQL trend, and with a vengeance. With read-transactions now running over 700% faster, it makes MySQL the fastest NoSQL key-value solution out there. And you get best of both worlds: MySQL and NoSQL in the same package.

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