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Video Game Mega Hit Resident Evil Lands On GREE [Social Games]


My personal favorite game series of all time, survival horror action legend Resident Evil (Biohazard in Japan), is getting a social treatment on GREE. Maker Capcom today announced the following details:

  • Title: Biohazard Outbreak Survive
  • Genre: Social Survival Horror
  • Release: June 2011
  • Platform: GREE for Japanese feature phones
  • Pricing: Free to play, sales of virtual items

This is a big win for GREE and again shows a very recent trend in Japan’s social games market: traditional video game makers release more and more social games and ink exclusive contracts with DeNA’s Mobage or GREE (Biohazard Outbreak Survive will not be available on Mobage, for example).

Biohazard Outbreak Survive is actually the first Capcom title on GREE ever.

Previous Resident Evil titles on consoles were multi-player and/or web-enabled, which means Capcom won’t have it difficult to make a social game out of its hit franchise.

In the GREE version, players aren’t soldiers (as in the console versions) but ordinary people who have to escape from a zombie-infested city by using items, solving puzzles and clearing missions together.



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