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GREE Invests $25 Million In DCM’s $100 Million A-Fund For Android Developers [Social Games]


TechCrunch today has an article on a newly set up (and pretty spectacular) fund that will support early-stage Android developers. The so-called A-Fund is worth $100 million and aims at the Asian market in particular.

GREE is a part of it, as is KDDI and Tencent, but the fund is actually being led by VC firm DCM (which also has a presence in Tokyo with two partners).

Here’s the link to the article (the last paragraph is especially interesting).

What the text doesn’t mention is something the Nikkei is reporting today: GREE is contributing $25 million (as is KDDI), plus the fund is ready to invest in 20-30 Android-focused companies by 2016 (anywhere from $1-10 million).

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