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Ameba tappie, Ameba tachy: CyberAgent Launches Twitter Clone With A Twist [Social Networks]


Twitter is huge in Japan, but CyberAgent thinks it has found a niche with Ameba tappie and Ameba tachy. Both services are free, were announced today and essentially offer the same function: they allow users to share “tweets” and communicate with a self-selected group of friends.

Up to 50 people, all of whom must have Ameba accounts, can be added to Ameba tappie on the iPhone or Ameba tachy on Japanese feature phones. Users are also able to exchange messages via Bluetooth and upload pictures through the service.

While Ameba tachy will be launched next month, Ameba tappie is already available in the App Store (download). Ameba tappie is even available in English, which is pretty nice.



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