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Socialbakers: Facebook Jumps To 3.2 Million Users In Japan [Social Networks]


Facebook Japan now has 3.2 million users (3.19 million, to be more exact), if Facebook statistics aggregation service Socialbakers is to be believed. The last time I reported, 17 days ago, that number stood at just over 3 million:

In that last report, I speculated about the existence of a glitch that makes Socialbakers (and Facebook’s own ad creation tool) generate false numbers: Facebook Japan having added a total 500,000 users in just one day (from April 4 to 5) isn’t realistic.

And now 200,000 new users in 17 days? Maybe.

Facebook’s ad creation tool (which lets potential advertisers check how many people they can theoretically target in any given country) just showed me this number, which is pretty close to the one Socialbakers currently shows for Japan:

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