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Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters: New Sega RPG On Mobage Looks Great [Social Games]


This is probably one of the biggest wins (content-wise) for DeNA in recent months: Sega is planning to bring one of the biggest brands for role-playing games out there, Phantasy Star, to Mobage.

Dubbed Phantasy Star Eternal Hunters, the social game was exclusively developed for Mobage for Japanese feature phones.

It has a few things that will make it a top social game:

  • Phantasy Star is a strong, established brand
  • it’s geo-aware (the game changes depending on where you are in the real world/in Japan)
  • fantastic graphics for a Flash Lite game
  • connectivity to Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity, a PSP title for item transfers between the two games

The social RPG is available now on Mobage and is free to play (virtual items will cost extra).


Via Inside Games [JP]

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