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DeNA Expands Samsung Android Distribution Deal To Japan [Social Games]


When DeNA announced in December that Samsung will ship all of their future Android handsets worldwide with Mobage pre-installed, one country was excluded: Japan, DeNA’s home market.

But now DeNA confirmed that Mobage will land on Samsung’s Android handsets distributed in Japan, too. Just like in other markets, users will see “Gamehub” as the main brand name when they access the gaming section on their phone’s menu.

But Japanese tech blog Venture Now says that in Japan, Gamehub will be almost all Mobage (with Kaito Royal as the anchor title), which is not too surprising.

The first Android handset to be shipped with Mobage on board is the Galaxy S II next month. Again, that is not a big surprise, as the S II will be distributed by NTT Docomo, DeNA’s new partner in Japan.

You can find my detailed explanation of how Mobage looks like pre-installed on a Samsung Android phone here.

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