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DeNA Scores Hit iOS Game: Infinity Blade Goes Social On Mobage [Social Games]


First Professor Layton, now DeNA has announced it scored another hit title for Mobage: Infinity Blade, the mega hit game for iOS, is scheduled to hit Mobage for smartphones in the fall of this year. The press release mentions this will be the case in Japan, but I am expecting DeNA to release the game (provisionally dubbed Infinity Blade X for Mobage) to hit international Mobage right after that.

Details regarding game play are scarce at this point, but DeNA says this:

The gameplay maintains the design and control features of the original version, while adding the ability for players to fight or collaborate with each other via the Mobage network. Infinity Blade X for Mobage will be free-to-play, with virtual goods on offer as well.

The original game earned its makers $10 million in revenue in six months and received rave reviews worldwide, especially for its great graphics (Infinity Blade X for Mobage doesn’t have screenshots yet).

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