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Report: Japan’s Social Gaming Market To Balloon To $3.8 Billion In 2013


I tried to answer the question “How Big Is Japan’s Social Gaming Market” back in February by aggregating numbers from three different sources. And now Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities in Tokyo has issued a new report with their own findings regarding future growth of Japan’s market for social games.

We all know that GREE, DeNA and to a lesser extent Mixi are making serious money with producing/distributing social games, but how much money are Japan’s social game companies making alltogether?

Here are the projections for market size:
2011: US$2.66 billion

2012: US$3.28 billion

2013: US$3.8 billion

Stats for ARPPU (not ARPU):
2011: US$42.18

2012: US47.42

2013: $53.03

Number of paying users:
2011: 5.27 million

2012: 5.86 million

2013: 5.98 million

Via Gamebiz

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