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Twinkle Bar: CyberAgent Ports Hit Game On Mixi Touch And Ameba Mobile [Social Games]


CyberAgent has announced it started offering its hit game Twinkle Bar on Mixi Touch (the smartphone browser version of Mixi) and Ameba Mobile. The title, a bar management simulation, has racked up 2 million users on Mixi Mobile (Mixi on feature phones) in about a year.

On Ameba Mobile (Ameba on Japanese feature phones), Twinkle Bar is called Minna no Bar Town (Everybody’s Bar Town).

What’s more interesting (and sure to drive users) is that CyberAgent linked Minna No Bar Town to Ameba Pigg, its super-popular virtual world (Ameba Pico outside Japan). Ameba Pigg members can use their avatar in the game, for example, or invite other users easily.

Here’s how the game looks on Mixi Touch:

And on Ameba Mobile:


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