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Bust A Move: Hit Puzzle Game Goes GREE [Social Games]


Yet another big console title has landed on a mobile social gaming platform: this time, it’s Bust A Move (aka “Puzzle Bobble”), a puzzle game from Taito (and one of my favorite games ever).

The title (announced today and dubbed “New Puzzle Bobble Lite for GREE”) is a native application for GREE on iOS devices (App Store link). Taito has released the game in English, Italian (?) and Japanese, but it is available in theĀ  Japanese App Store only (and you must have a GREE account).

There is a ranking and users can leave comments (“I just cleared this stage!”, for example), but New Puzzle Bobble Lite for GREE isn’t really what I would call a “social game”. I just gave the game a spin, and it looks quite good though.

However, Taito has released a standalone version of Puzzle Bobble (but now New” Puzzle Bobble) in the App Store in 2009 already (in App Stores worldwide).

Screenshot of the GREE version:

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