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RockYou Asia Launches Speed Racing 2 On Mobage [Social Games]


The Tokyo office of American social gaming juggernaut RockYou, RockYou Asia, has released Speed Racing 2 on Mobage for Japanese feature phones today. Part 1 of the social racing game boasts over 10 million players on various platforms worldwide (1 million on the PC in Japan).

Speed Racing 2 basically offer the same game play mechanics as Speed Racing on the PC: players take on the role of a speed car driver who’s racing against other players all over the (virtual) world (tour mode) in order to become the top driver. In the 1-on-1 mode, it’s also possible to race directly against another Mobage user.

In the “garage”, Speed Racing 2 players can change the design of their cars and tune them, for example by buying extra-powerful engines.

Screenshots of Speed Racing 2 for Mobage for feature phones:

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