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More Anime-Based Games For Mobage: DeNA Cooperates With Tatsunoko [Social Games]


It seems DeNA wants even more anime-based social games for Mobage: the company just announced a partnership with Tatsunoko Production, a major anime production company based out of Tokyo.

Tatsunoko has been producing anime for decades, including Speed Racer, Robotech, Honeybee Hutch, Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets, G-force) or Time-Bokan. Under the agreement with DeNA, some of these titles will be turned into “content” on Mobage, for example by using illustrations and character from those anime for decorations in emails, avatars and – of course – social games.

The social games based on Tatsunoko IP planned for the next months are:

  • Tatsunoko All Stars ULTIMATE CARD BATTLE (July)
  • Akubi Girl (August)
  • Gatchaman (September)
  • Time-Bokan (September)
  • Speed Racer (October)

DeNA plans to roll out these titles on smartphones and feature phones. Last month, the company signed a similar deal with anime production company Aniplex.

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