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GREE And DeNA Release Tools For Easy Flash Lite->Smartphone Conversion [Social Games]


Both GREE and DeNA are adding games to their platforms on a daily basis, but almost all of these titles are either feature phone exclusive or released for use on those handsets first. Consequently, GREE and Mobage on smartphones currently have just a few dozens games on offer – on feature phones, both sites currently boast approximately 1,000 different titles each.

But that could change soon, as both companies have released tools in recent days to make it easier for developers to port their games from Flash Lite (used on feature phones) to smartphones, namely iOS and Android.

This can actually be a big deal, depending on how those Flash Lite games look and be played on smartphones.

Read the detailed article on Asiajin for more information.

Screenshots of pet raising games Clinoppe, which was ported from Flash Lite to HTML 5 with GREE’s tool and released a few days ago on the iPhone:

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