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Tabera: Tabelog Releases iPhone App For Sharing Photos Of Dishes [E-Commerce]


Kakaku didn’t just release their newest financial report in English today, they also published a press release to announce “Tabera”, a Tabelog-connected iPhone app that allows customers to make pictures of dishes at restaurants and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

There are tons of mobile apps like this out there, but two things are special about Tabera (which is free and can be downloaded here): before posting pictures on Facebook and Twitter, the app lets users modify them, for example by adding filters or changing brightness (see below). Needless to say it’s also possible to add comments and ratings:

The second feature is quite clever: users can not only share pics but post Tabelog links along with them so that friends viewing dishes they like can immediately access more information about the restaurants offering them on Tabelog’s mobile site:

Shooting (and sharing) photos of delicious-looking food and dishes has been popular in Japan since the introduction of camera-equipped cell phones.

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