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Coin Pusher Mafia: CyberAgent Releases New iOS App For The US Market [Social Games]


CyberAgent, through its US subsidiary CyberAgent America, has released a new iOS game that’s available in English (apart from Japanese). Coin Pusher Mafia [free on iTunes] is essentially a “virtual” version of a medal game that’s especially popular in Japanese arcades.

What’s special about Coin Pusher Mafia is that CyberAgent has baked a social element and virtual items into the title: users can add others to their “family” to “defeat the rival mafia family” and advance in the story that’s built around the game play (there are over 180 enemies in the game).

It’s possible to make in-app purchases, from $2.99 for 30 “Mafia Cash” to $49.99 for 550 Mafia Cash, to purchase special items, weapons etc.


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