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Mixi Gets New Logo, Launches Mixi Pages [Social Networks]


Earlier this week, Japan’s biggest real-identity social network Mixi changed two things on its website: First, Mixi introduced a new logo, as you can see on the picture below:

Second, Mixi launched a new feature, Mixi Pages, which works much like Facebook pages: individuals, companies, celebrities, restaurants or shops can set up pages for self-promotion and broadcasting. Fans, friends or customers can become followers with the push of a button.

Owners of Mixi pages can add a logo, pictures, updates, Twitter buttons or even games.

What’s interesting is that owners can choose to make Mixi pages public even though Mixi itself is completely closed, (as in not indexed by search engines, for example). You can access i.e. Disney Japan’s Mixi page even when you’re not logged in (you have to have an account to become a follower, however).

As you can see below, Mixi pages are available through the PC, feature phones and Mixi Touch, Mixi’s smartphone browser version:

Mixi says they plan to add more functions to pages in the future, for example a dashboard to let owners track engagement with their pages.

The company claims a total of 80,000 pages were created just 3 days after launch of the new feature.

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