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Promotion For Kaito Royal: DeNA Starts Campaign With Electronics Retailer [Social Games]


Promotion for social games the DeNA way, part 2: after the pretty cool cooperation with online restaurant service Gourmet Navigator, DeNA is starting a second real-world campaign. This time the company is working together with Japanese electronics retailer chain Bic Camera to promote its hit game Kaito Royale on Mobage.

The way it works is that Kaito Royale fans need to purchase a feature phone or smartphone at a Bic Camera (or Sofmap) electronics store and something worth more than 1,500 Yen (in the same store). Buyers who then sign up for Mobage (and only those) get these special items that can be used in Kaito Royale:

For existing Mobage users, DeNA offers the same chance when changing from feature phones to the iPhone or Android (in a Bic Camera/Sofmap store, needless to say).

The Kaito Royale campaign runs only from September 1 to October 1.

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