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Mobage Hit Game Kaito Royale To Be Turned Into TV Series [Social Games]


If you still needed proof that Kaito Royale, the No. 1 title on Mobage, is Japan’s biggest social game (over 10 million registered users), here’s another hint: as probably the first social game in the world, Kaito Royale will be turned into a TV series.

As in the game, there will be three main characters with three distinct basic personalities in the show: a “sexy” type (played by fashion model Aya Oomasa), a macho type (played by Seiji Fukushi) and an intelligent type (played by Toori Matsuzaka):

In the weekly series (which is also called Kaito Royale), the 3 characters suffer from amnesia and have to steal treasures under the command of a mysterious woman who claims to be able to bring their memories back if they play along (?).

Kaito Royale will be aired on TBS, a major (nation-wide) Japanese TV station every Friday starting next month.

I am sure it will be terrible, but as the actors are quite famous in this country and Friday is a good day in terms of exposure, the TV series will help spread the word about the game.

DeNA already made Kaito Royale turn into a novel and manga earlier this year.

Via Asiajin

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